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Top 7 Crypto Exchanges for 2022

Everyone wants cryptocurrencies these days as the profits are exponential and with every day the new coins coming and pumping hard, it becomes hard to resist. To buy cryptocurrency you’ll always require a cryptocurrency exchange which works like any traditional exchange but online.

Deciding which coin is no doubt the main step as your capital depends on its growth and fundamentals. But there is another most important choosing the right exchange is also important to keep your funds and trade as not only defines the safety but also choosing the right exchange can save you a lot as a trading fee. So here we have listed the top 7 cryptocurrency exchanges for 2022 for you to pick the right one depending on your geo-location, funds limits, and cryptocurrency coins choice.

1.    Binance

Binance (founded in 2017 in the Cayman Islands) stands first on our list and we have strong reason to list it so. Binance (rated 9.9) collects the largest cryptocurrency volume and has the largest number of active users. Binance was founded by Changpeng Zhao and was initially based in China. Binance has weekly 29,790,998 visits on average.

Binance offers the lowest possible fees compared to other competitions and supports the largest number of cryptocurrency coins and tokens (more than 1500).  

Buy/Sell with Bank Account0.10%
Buy/Sell with Wallet0.10% 
Buy/Sell with Credit/Debit Card1.10%–2.10%
Instant Card WithdrawalN/A 
Wire Transfer (USD)Free
Exchange Crypto0.10% 

Easy of access defines how easily can a user trade cryptocurrency on the platform. An absolute beginner might find it difficult to trade on Binance as is mainly for moderate to advanced level traders.

2.    Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase Exchange (rated 9.0)  ranks second on CoinMarketCap crypto exchange based on the trading volume. Coinbase Exchange has weekly visits of over 3,668,231 and it currently supports 119 coins and 3 main Fiat USD, EUR, GBP.

Coinbase exchange is extremely user-friendly and easy to use the exchange, making it perfect for beginners. The interface of the Coinbase wallet is easy to use and focused for the beginner however, the Coinbase pro interface is like the one Binance has it comes with advanced tools to assist the trained traders. Coinbase has fairly lower fees.

Payment MethodCoinbase Fee
Bank Account1.49%
Coinbase USD Wallet1.49%
Debit/Credit Card3.99%
ACH TransferFree
Wire Transfer$10 ($25 outgoing)
Crypto Conversion2.00%

3.    KuCoin

KuCoin Exchange (rated 8.6) ranks third on in our list. Coinbase Exchange has weekly visits of over 3,280,351 and it currently supports 987 pairs.

KuCoin Exchange was launched in September 2017 which located in Seychelles. It offers a large number of cryptocurrency pairs to trade on. The exchange focuses more on quality projects that are more reliable and secure. On September 20, 2020, the exchange got hacked and funds worth a million dollars were stolen from the users. The attack was the fourth-largest hack on any exchange stealing $280 million. By apt use of blockchain tool 84% of the funds stolen were recovered. The rest of the losses were covered by the exchange itself. The appropriate response to the exchange earned traders’ and investors’ respect and trust.

 About the KuCoin Exchange fees, if compared to Binance, both start at the minimum of 0.1% but as the trade volume increases, KuCoin Exchange stands winner for the lower rate of increase with the trade volume.

4.    Kraken Exchange

Kraken Exchange (rated.8.5) ranks fourth on CoinMarketCap crypto exchange based on the 24h trading volume. Coinbase Exchange has weekly visits of over 2,046,438 and it currently supports 374 pairs. Kraken Exchange supports every type of trader from beginner to expert to trade and invest with trust and ease of use.

Kraken Exchange is different for a different levels of traders and platforms. Following are the deposit fees for instant buy.

Kraken FeePayment Card
Processing Fee
Digital Wallet Payments
Processing Fee
Online Banking/ACH
Processing Fee
0.9% fee for any stablecoins**
1.5% fee for any other crypto or FX pair
3.75% + €0.25***3.75% + €0.25***0.5%***

To find more about Kraken Exchange Fees, click here.

5.    OKX

OKX Exchange (rated 6.6) ranks 18 on CoinMarketCap crypto exchange based on the 24h trading volume. OKX Exchange has weekly visits of over 1,215,097 and it currently supports 670 pairs. Most pairs are offered in USDT, BTC, USDK, ETH, and OKB.

OKX exchange may have low volumes but it stands fifth in our list for its amazing ease of use as it is supported by 200+ countries. OKX exchange has two outlooks, wallet mode for beginners and instant buys and advance mode to aid the experienced trader with the latest trading tools and indicators.

  • 6 Mainstream Tokens
  • 180+ Fiat Currencies accepted across the Globe
  • 6 Payment Channels including the following:
    • Simplex
    • Koinal
    • Banxa
    • Koinal
    • Mercuryo
    • MoonPay
  • 17 Payment Options including covering VISA, MasterCard, bank transfer, Apple Pay, and more.

OKX exchange claims to be the best spot and futures trading app. Okx exchanges charger relatively lower fees as makers get 0.08% and takers pay 0.10% fee.

Lower fees vast range of trading pairs and high liquidity are the main traits of OKX Exchange.

6.    AscendEX Exchange

AscendEX, formerly known as Bitmax ranks 39th with respect to volume on CoinMarketCap. AscendEX is rated 5.4 on CoinMarketCap. AscendEX has weekly visits of over 804,983 and it currently supports 303 coins with a wide range of crypto pairs. Most pairs are offered in USDT, BTC, and ETH.

With the motto of “Efficiency, Resilience, and Transparency” AscendEX is a global digital asset financial platform providing the service of trading, staking, Margin Trading, and DeFi Yield Forming. The bigger cost of using this exchange is that the exchange does not accept the US-based investor however it still functions in more than 200+ countries. The exchange provides two modes one for the absolute beginners and the other for the trained traders.

You can learn more about fees like Interest Rate, Maximum Borrowable Limit, and Withdrawal Fees from here.

7.    PancakeSwap Exchange

PancakeSwap Exchange is an Automated Money Maker (AMM) tool that is used to swap the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) tokens against a liquidity pool. From swapping BEP20 tokens to LP Tokens and Staking, PancakeSwap is a complete tool mostly used by the new projects to gain visibility and name on the internet. The FLIP tokens and Syrup Pools are the additional features of this exchange. You can use the services of PancakeSwap Exchange by connecting your Metamask or TrustWallet or other.

Traders will require Binance Coin (BNB) as the fee to pay trading fees.

Concluding Note:

In this list of exchanges, we tried to provide the best exchanges from a various perspectives based on volume, fame, ease of use, and services they provide. From Binance staking to PancakeSwap feature of buying cryptocurrency by linking an external wallet, we tried to cover every exchange briefly. You can now choose the right one depending upon your requirements from the list above.

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